$ curl cheat.sh/
# lynx
# Classic non-graphical (CLI) web browser

# Dump [URL]; do not show link URLs.
lynx -dump -nolist [URL]

# Creating your keystroke file for use with lynx(1).
lynx -cmd_log [FILE]
# Use above keystroke file to run repeating website actions.
lynx -accept_all_cookies -cmd_script=[FILE]

# Convert HTML from STDIN to text, then dump it to STDOUT.
lynx -force_html -stdin -dump -nolist

# lynx
# Command-line web browser.

# Visit a website:
lynx https://duckduckgo.com

# Navigate forwards and backwards through the links on a page:
Up arrow key, Down arrow key

# Follow the currently selected link:
Enter or the right arrow key

# Go back to the previously displayed page:
Left arrow key or u

# Exit:
q then y

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